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Grammar School Reopening Measures

Health and Safety

KHDA Approved School Readiness Plan

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Drop off & Pick up times

Secondary students can collect their younger siblings at the end of the day (FS2 excluded).

Sunday to Thursday-Primary Timings

Inner gates will open at the following times for the drop off & pick up:

Phase Timings-Drop off Timings-Pick up
KS1-Year 1 to 2 7:15am 1:40pm
KS2-Year 3 to 6 7:20am 1:45pm
FS2 7:20am-Escorted by one member of the family 11:30 am-one member of the family is allowed in the school to pick the child.


Sunday to Thursday-Secondary Timings 

Inner gates will open at the following times for the drop off & pick up: 

Phase  Timings-Drop off  Timings-Pick up 
KS3  7:30-7:35 am 1:50 pm 
KS 4  7:35-7:40 am 1.55 pm 
KS 5  7:40-7:45 am 2:00 pm 

Parents with students in both Primary and Secondary section can drop them off by 7.25 am.

School Day Timings

School calendar overview


This FAQ is designed to answer questions that students and parents may have regarding our 2020 opening.

Staff, parents and students must act responsibly and in good faith. If any member of the family is sick or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive they should all stay at home. Should anyone subsequently be found to have suppressed the signs of an illness, especially COVID-19, they will face disciplinary action. We are all responsible and we are all in this together.

Student tests are currently not mandatory, all staff will have been tested inline with KHDA directives. We have appointed a Covid 19 team who will be doing everything possible to keep COVID-19 at the school gate. If there is a case of COVID-19 in school the student will be sent to hospital and will be required to quarantine for 14 days or until a negative test is produced. We will communicate with those students who sat within 2m of the infected student for more than 20 minutes that day and also with the parents of these students. These students will then also need to quarantine for 14 days. We will also inform all parents that a case of COVID-19 has been identified and isolated but we will not provide any further details.

All staff will be required to produce a fixed seating plan for all their classes. If a suspected case of COVID-19 is identified then the senior leadership team will be able to track and trace every student who sat within 2m of the probable case that day. We cannot track and trace from outside school. The extent of our control extends only to the school gates. We will strongly encourage everyone to download the contact tracing app, however, not everyone has a Bluetooth phone or digital device so this will not be fool proof. If there is a major outbreak the school will close and move online for 14 days.

We cannot nor can any organisation. As such we offer 100% online learning as an option for those members of the community who do not wish their child to attend the school or who are sick or in quarantine. People can test negative for COVID-19 and be positive and vice versa. Symptoms do not always show immediately and from one day to the next it is impossible to know where staff, students and parents go in the evenings and whether they have been infected since their last test. Short of testing daily, which is not affordable, practical or reliable, all we can do is temperature check, encourage a “stay at home if unwell” culture, and reinforce messaging about sanitising and social distancing. We will then follow our track, trace and isolate protocols if a case is identified.

Currently not. As with Dubai at large the only requirement for a return to school is a negative COVID-19 test result upon landing in Dubai. All members of the community who have travelled will be required to complete the health and travel declaration.

We are not medical professionals so please do contact your physician if you are in doubt. If you have concerns about an asthmatic child please also speak to the school nurse. Those who are thought to be most susceptible to serious complications of COVID-19 include people who are older than 65, or are taking medications that suppress the immune system or suffer from conditions such as cancer, hypertension, lung disease, diabetes, heart disease or other conditions that compromise the immune system.

Health & Safety

We have appointed a Health & Safety team to ensure the safety of the community as a whole; this includes regular sanitisation of all areas.

There are no current plans to instal partitions but we will continually aim to improve our site hygiene provision and nothing has been ruled out. Masks should be worn all day apart from when eating.

The cleaning of all facilities will be in accordance with the guidelines received. Touch points will be regularly cleaned throughout the day and classrooms will be fully cleaned and disinfected every day. Staff will be on duty outside toilet areas to ensure appropriate maintenance of social distancing and cleaning. Sanitisers have been installed in numerous locations around the campus with signage to remind all how to use effectively.

Social distancing

A health and safety briefing will be given to all staff and students on the first day of arrival, additionally prior to the students arriving at school a video will take them through exactly what they should expect to allay any worries.

Classrooms will be disinfected at the end of every school day but students are encouraged to bring their own disinfection wipes to wipe down areas prior to them engaging in learning


Students and staff can wear masks of any kind, including washable types, or face shields. There will be a few masks available at reception for those who forget to bring them, but all staff and students should be fully prepared and bring their own supply. Masks should be worn all day except when eating.

Directions and rules will be shared on induction day and with all students at online year group assemblies during the morning of the first day of term, 30th August. Class teachers and staff will endeavour to remind students of the rules during lessons and break times. Students can only remove masks while eating in their classrooms. The non-following of school rules will incur sanctions as detailed in our Behaviour and Sanctions Policy. Repeat offenders will be asked to remain at home until they comply.

Food and Water

All food needs to be bought from home and not shared in school. Students will return to their form rooms to eat.

The direction from the authorities is that we are not allowed to have any water fountains, even those that are ‘no touch’ operation. We want to reduce use of plastic in school so would encourage students to bring water in reusable bottles. It is appreciated that this is difficult given the extra weight that will need to be carried although bottles can be left in lockers once in school.

Wellbeing and Counselling

We will continue to address issues of wellbeing during the coming academic, particularly given our challenging circumstances. We will continue to advertise our counselling services within both form times and assemblies to raise awareness of both the counselling service.


Bus allocation information will be shared with all users as soon as we are able but no later than 26th August. If the bus is overbooked we will allocate seats in accordance with the guidelines provided by KHDA. If spaces are not taken we will offer to those on the waiting list. Students wanting to join the service later on in the term should contact the Transport Manager to see if there is space or to join the waiting list.

Drop Off/ Pick Up

Drop off in the morning will be naturally staggered students can arrive between times will be shared on our website.

To ensure separation at pick up time it is essential the timings as published for the different year groups are followed. This will ensure students are not waiting for cars held up in queues.

Access to School Site

All students will remain on site for the day to reduce risk of contamination from external sources. It is also strongly discouraged for students and staff to book medical/other appointments during the school day. Students and staff will not be readmitted to the school site once they have left unless they have had a full change of clothing and sanitised their belongings before re-entering.

Parents should minimise the need to enter the school site other than at drop off and pick up times. Meetings with staff can be arranged online. Where access to the cashier is needed, this should be done by prior appointment. There should be no dropping off of items during the day which students have forgotten to bring into school. It is expected that all students are organised for a school day.


The school will continue to share the academic overview of the year at the introduction to the year parents’ sessions which are held in September. This year these will take place online which we hope will make it even easier for more parents to attend. We will continue to report on academic progress every half term and we will continue to offer two parents evening per year group. We strongly encourage all parents to monitor their child’s student planner if they would like to understand the work their child has been set. If there are any concerns about the volume of work set, whether there is too much or too little, we encourage parents to speak to their child’s form tutor in the first instance.

Teaching and Learning

If staff are absent for regular reasons we will follow our normal cover procedures. With the benefits of online learning, classes can technically patch into the same lesson with another teacher taking place at that time in the case of any long term absence.

It is our intention to continue setting students where it is appropriate in specific subjects.

If the teacher is already making online provision for students in that lesson, then there is no reason why that student cannot join the online learning if they are absent; however, if there is no online provision in place for that lesson, then online learning will not be offered as it would for a normal absence.

We will make any physical resources available for parents to pick up at a time and date to be confirmed.

Lessons will only be recorded where the class is in the blending learning or where a student has officially opted for online learning. Teachers will be made aware of who these students are so that they can ensure they are set up to record lessons. If a student is unwell and has tested positive for COVID-19 the school should be notified so that the Head of Year can communicate to teachers to ensure that they record their lessons during the 14 day quarantine period.

Online content will be delivered through a blended mix of face-to-face sessions, where students at home can access the lesson content live, as well as activities that will require independent work that can then be submitted to staff through MS Teams. All new students will be shown how to access online live lessons through MS Teams during their first week.

Sixth Form

Sixth form students are expected on the school site from the beginning of morning registration every day. They may leave the school site at the end of their last lesson of the day, as long as they have an exit permit from reception in line with any essential leave which is planned during a school day. Once they have left the site, there will be no readmittance until the following day.

Year 13 students will be allocated a fixed desk for private study.

Quality Assurance

Staff are very familiar with teaching online and have modified their practice successfully to ensure that the quality of learning and teaching is optimised. To ensure that there is consistency, all staff will now use Teams to record lessons and share resources. Heads of Department are co-owners of every MS Team within their department, as part of the professional review cycle staff will be supported and observed to continue to enhance our current offering.

Music lessons

Music lessons will continue throughout term 1 but will adapt the curriculum accordingly.


As an initial start to the academic year the following will be in place with regards to safe access and use of library resources as we start with a Phase 1 re-opening process. We do envisage moving to further phases once the term progresses and it is safe to do so with the relevant social distancing rules and disinfecting processes in place.

Phase One:

  • No physical access will be allowed to the Library in Phase 1 – this includes lunch times as well as after school. The printers in the library will also not be accessible.
  • Remote access to resources – this will include the ability to borrow and read/listen to eBooks Instructions and access for this will be set-up within the first two weeks of term for new students.


  • Those students that have opted for online learning can arrange to pick up their textbooks from the reception, parents are advised to email the library to arrange a convenient pick up time to allow for disinfection. Some departments will have access to digital textbooks, students are advised to contact their teachers once term begins to check to see if this option is available.

Subject Specific Questions

Will PE Lessons continue?

As students are not allowed to use our changing facilities, they will need to come to school in PE kit if they have a practical PE or Games lesson during the school day.

How will core practicals in science take place?

Ofqual announced proposed changes to Science practical work on 4th August but examination boards have not yet released further clarification. The requirements may, of course, change as the situation develops.

At GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics the exam regulator, Ofqual, have announced that they will ‘permit observation of demonstrations and/or simulations to cover required apparatus and techniques’. As such, there is no requirement to actually carry out the Core Practicals in the laboratory. We will try to carry out the Core Practicals in the lab where this is possible. Otherwise, we will use teacher demonstrations and recorded video to complete the specification requirements. All students will complete all practicals in one or both ways.

At A Level in Biology, Chemistry and Physics the exam regulator, Ofqual, have changed the requirements for the Practical Endorsement to ‘allow assessment of the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) across the minimum number of practical activities required to demonstrate competence’. This means that we will need to continue with the CPAC practical work until each student has met all the required criteria. Ideally, however, we will complete all the CPAC activities for each subject over the course of Year 13 as we would in any other year so that the knowledge and skills can be used when answering examination questions (this is a major part of each course). This will be a priority above other practical work in Year 13 from day one.

Will students who have opted for online learning be disadvantaged by not being able to access Science practicals?

At GCSE all the Core Practicals can be completed by watching demonstrations or videos so no student will be disadvantaged by not completing the work in the laboratory.

At A Level students will need to complete the minimum number of practicals until they meet all of the criteria for the Practical Endorsement. This means that, at some point, students in Years 12 and 13 will need to be in the laboratory at school to develop the skills and techniques. The Practical Endorsement is not a requirement for an A Level grade but it is a requirement for almost all university admissions. For those students who opt for remote learning we will endeavour to inform them when the CPAC practicals are taking place so that they can return to school to complete them if they wish. We will endeavour to allow students to catch up on this work through terms 2 and 3 if necessary, up to the final deadline in May 2021.

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