How to stay awake during classes

Sometimes it can feel quite impossible to stay awake during classes. There could be various reason such as being bored in class , not having enough sleep or pulling an all-nighter to study for a big test! This could lead to a long term problem because not only would you be falling asleep while trying to learn, but would also be jeopardisingyour grades by ticking off teachers. This unwanted problem can be resolved by following these THREE easy tips :

  • Interacting with your teacher
    Well this would be the last thing on your list to do when your eyelids feel like sandbags. Keeping an ongoing conversation and participation will surely keep you alert during the class. This would not help you from not drifting off, but would also create a better impression on your teachers.
  • Sit near the front, near your teacher.
    This may sound like a bad idea, it will encourage you more to participate in discussions.
  • Take knock out notes
    Read over your notes from time to time to recap any missed out notes or points.
    If you are really struggling to stay awake pinch your thighs in desperate moments might even bite your tongue.

-Alina 11C

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