Student leadership

The voice of our students is the heart of Grammar School. Leadership and service opportunities are provided in different forms during school. There is a formal student leadership program and structure that is based on the principles of student leadership. 

Student Government is an organization conducted by students and supervised by adults. The purpose of this is to encourage the personal growth of leaders through participation in activities such as student council elections, meetings, and goals. It helps enhance their positive interactions with educational fields and allows direct participation in school activities and community service projects. 

In addition to planning events that contribute to the school spirit and community welfare, the Grammar Student Government is the voice of the student body.  They help to share student ideas, interests, and concerns with the school-wide community. 

The Student government at Grammar School adopts parliamentary proceduresIdeas are presented, voted upon, and confirmed by the President of the Student Body. Any student who is interested in leadership, organizational behavior, event planning, or school development school is welcome to participate. 





             Head Boy/Girl 

  • Lead by example: Each day at school, he/she must act in keeping with school rules and regulations, keeping in mind that other students will look to him/her as a role model.  

  • Represent the School: Head Boy/Girl is required to be ambassadors for their school at events inside and outside the school. 

  • Supporting other student leaders to fulfill their delegated duties: It is his/her duty to ensure student leaders are supported and will be accountable for ensuring all student leaders fulfill their roles and responsibilities. 

  • Participation in Clubs/Committees: The Head Boy/Girl is responsible for serving on various committees to plan school events. He/ She may head committees for clubs or other school events.  

  • Read Bulletins: The Head Boy/Girl will be required to make important school announcements to students in their classes or at the assembly. 

  • Resource for Students: The Head Boy/Girl must be available for other students in school during registration time and break, to provide guidance and support. He/ She organizes mediation sessions when necessary. 

  • Complete assigned tasks: The Head Boy/ Girl will liaise with the Senior Leadership Team and other members of staff on a regular basis to support the continuing improvement of the school. 


Deputy Head  


  • Support to Head Boy/ Girl: The Deputy Head Boy/ Girl supports the Head Boy/ Girl in his/her duties and deputizes when required.  

  • Take charge in the absence of Head Boy/Girl: He/ She fulfills tasks and responsibilities of Head Boy/ Girl in their absence. 

  • Organize Perfect Duties: The Deputy Head Boy/Girl is responsible for organizing School Prefects, who are leaders from each grade level. He/ She must plan and assign duties, head meetings, and outline systems. 

  • Regular Meetings with Leaders: Meet the Senior Leadership at school and play an active role in planning and coordinating activities like organizing clubs, helping students, and organizing assemblies and events at school. 


Student Head Year Leaders  


  • Work closely with Student Leadership: Student Year Leaders and Deputy Year Leaders will work closely with the Head Girl and Deputy to support their work in promoting the Student Voice. 

  • Organizing events: They will liaise with their Head of House and be involved in planning and organizing the school assembly, organizing competitions and charity events and promoting the ethos of their individual house. 

  • Working with Year Leader Head Teachers: Student Head Year Leaders and Deputy Student Head Leaders will work closely with Year Leader teachers and perform tasks delegated to them. 


Deputy Student Year Leaders 


Club Manager  


  • Supporting Student Leadership: Club Managers will work as a team with all clubs to carry out assigned duties including supporting other students. 

  • Organizing Club Activities: Club Managers will help staff organize club activities and social events at school. 

  • Promoting Student Voice: Promoting the work of Student Voice and liaising between staff members and students to promote club activities. 

  • Complete task delegated by School Leadership: Meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team and other members of staff on a regular basis to support the continuing improvement of the school. 


Sustainability Leaders 


Overall General Duties 


  • Managing Events: All leaders must plan, organize and run the events successfully at school to promote their club activities school. 


  • Complete the Task: Leaders must complete the task delegated by Lead Staff members of the club with responsibility. 


  • Support Senior Student Leadership: Must support the Head and Deputy Head of school to work for continuous School improvement. 



Wellbeing & Happiness Leaders 


Sports Leaders 


Anti-Bullying Team 


Positive Character Education Leaders 


Social Responsibility & Innovative Team 


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