Message from our Chairman

Message from our Chairman

We are very proud to welcome you to Athena School.

Our philosophy of education is rooted in the values of humility, tolerance and integrity.

With these values Athena Education seeks to develop learners who have choice, and take care of themselves, their communities and the environment both locally and internationally.

The curriculum in our schools provides all learners with the opportunities to develop self-confidence, be innovative and creative and enable them to achieve at the highest level so that they can apply their learning in a variety of different and challenging contexts.

All achievements are set in the context of nurturing, safe and secure learning environment, in which students are challenged, guided, listened to and given choices which strengthen the values of their families, the community and the UAE.

Our schools are charged with energy and excitement. Freedom is given so that students can express opinions and ask questions to discover truth for themselves. Every type of talent is accepted, appreciated, celebrated and rewarded, enabling students to thrive.

V.N.P. Raj
Founder and Chairman of Athena Education

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