Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 comprises of two-year groups, Year 10, and Year 11.

Students follow a two–year program of study, consisting of a range of AQA/GCSE/IGCSE(International General Certificate of Secondary Education) subjects that are externally examined and are a steppingstone to International Advanced Level (IAL). 

Our students are supported throughout the course, ensuring that they are fully equipped with the skills required to be successful in their examinations and the information needed to make informed decisions about careers, pre-universities, or university courses. 

In KS4, students study 6 subjects, with all students taking the core subjects of  English (as First Language or Second Language) and Mathematics 


Optional Subjects 


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Alongside the IGCSE subjects, students also have one lesson for Physical Education per week and will study the Ministry of Education Curriculum subjects as follows: 

• Islamic for Muslim students 

• Arabic A for Arabic speakers 

• PSHE for non-Muslim students 

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