Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years – Foundation Stage (FS2)


In our Foundation Stage 2 classes, we follow the EYFS curriculum.  

At Grammar School, children are welcomed the school by caring teachers who plan fun-filled and engaging activities for them. Our teachers ensure that the transition from home to school is smooth and truly enjoyable. 

Our purpose is to make a difference and bring about the best in each child. Therefore, we explore creative ways for children in the FS to develop their confidence, communication skills, and cognitive and motor abilities. 


Our activity-based and thematic planning encourages participation from all groups of learners. Our emphasis on language learning encourages each child to be a reader, writer, and storyteller in the languages exposed to at school. 


In the Foundation Stage children are introduced to Literacy and Mathematics and encouraged to deepen their curiosity about the world around us. Our programs in phonics and writing strengthen the children’s foundation and help them participate confidently in individual and group activities. 

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