The School year is divided into 3 terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3.

During the year the following internal summative assessments are conducted:

  • Baseline Assessment (Term 1 Week 2)
  • Mid-term Assessment (Term 1 Week 8)
  • End of term Assessment (Term 1 & 3 Penultimate Week)

Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment is ongoing and provides evidence of and for progression in learning. It supports learning though identifying difficulties, providing feedback and diagnosing future learning priorities.

International Benchmark Assessment

The school conducts the following International Benchmark Assessments

  • Baseline and Baseline Progress for FS
    Baseline and Baseline Progress provide you with an efficient, child-friendly and reliable way of assessing literacy, language and communication and mathematics in three short, picture-based sections that require no reading, as they enter school (Baseline) and at the end of their first year in school (Baseline Progress). 
  • CAT4 for Year 2 to Year 12
    The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is a diagnostic assessment that is designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn and what their academic potential might be. It assesses how students think in areas that are known to make a difference in learning.
    While many tests focus on a child’s attainment in core subjects, CAT4 is designed to give schools a much broader, more rounded view of each child, their potential and how they learn. Results help teachers decide about the pace of learning that is right for a student and whether additional support or challenge is needed.
    Tasks involve thinking about shapes and patterns (Non-Verbal Reasoning), words (Verbal Reasoning), numbers (Quantitative Reasoning) and some questions are answered by mentally generating and transforming visual images (Spatial Ability).
  • GL Progress Tests in English and Maths for Year 1-10 and GL Progress Test in Science for Year 3-10

Measures pupils’ knowledge, understanding and application of the core subjects:

  1. English: focuses on grammar, punctuation and spelling, and on reading comprehension, using age-appropriate fiction and information texts.
  2. Maths: assesses key aspect of maths appropriate to the age of the pupil including mental maths for those aged 8 and over.
  3. Science: measures two dimensions of science learning, understanding of science content, and working scientifically (application of skills).
  • IBT Arabic Assessments for Year 4-Year 10
  • The IBT Arabic Language tests are designed to assess proficiency in Arabic Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary through multiple-choice questions in response to a variety of texts and situations. The tests offer students and schools the opportunity to participate in a standardized Arabic assessment which can provide comprehensive diagnostic feedback and benchmark performance against other schools in the region.
  • The tests are divided into two distinct categories to cater for both native and non-native speakers within the school community.


  • IGCSE for Year 11
  • IAL for Year 13
  • TIMSS for Year 5 and Year 9
  • PBTS for Year 10
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