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At Grammar School, we believe that the safety of our students is of paramount importance as such; All transported students shall conduct themselves on the bus and at bus stops in a manner which contributes to the safety and well-being of everyone. A student shall not behave in a manner which interferes with the safe transportation of pupils on a school bus.

The following information is for all students who ride in Grammar School buses, whether daily on regular runs or only on field trips, and for their parents.

The students’ parents shall be liable for the following:
  • They shall take their children to the school bus or the bus stop on time. In case of delay they shall be liable for transporting their children to school without the driver bearing any liability.
  • They shall help to educate their children to the importance of traffic and bus safety and how to safely wait and board the school bus.
  • They shall notify the school Principal and the transport department of any violation or negligence by driver.
  • The driver shall have the right to return the student to school in case no one was waiting for him/her at
  • Dropping point. Any consequences of such matter shall be borne by the parents.
  • The student shall preserve the cleanliness of the bus and shall notify the school principal or the parents if the driver or any other student violates the rules during the trip.
  • They shall NOT send children if they are sick. School transport will not pick or drop children who are sick.
  • Mobile phones and musical instruments are strictly prohibited.
  • Student should NOT delay the trip.
  • The students should NOT violate any of the safety conditions and expose others to risk during the ride.
  • The student should board the bus from the designated bus point agreed upon earlier with the school.
  • Students should not leave the bus at any other place other than the designated stop.
  • Should not be a fee defaulter. Parents must ensure timely payment.
  • Student should be kind and be respectful at all times to co-travelers.
  • Any problem in bus should be reported to the Bus Attendant and/or Bus Driver/transport department.
  • Only travel on your designated bus. If a temporary change is required, parents MUST inform the transport department well in advance for approval. Decision of the department is final.
  • Eating and drinking on bus other than water will not be permitted.
  • Student should not throw objects of any kind in the bus or outside.
  • Students should cooperate with the bus conductors and drivers. They should not stand or walk while the bus is moving.
  1. Children of FS2 to Year 1 will not be left at the drop off point unless designated adult is present to collect them.
  2. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to ensure that their child/children is/are at the pick-up point at the designated time.
  3. Buses will not leave from collection points ahead of schedule. However, due to traffic pressures, buses will not be able to wait at pick-up point after the scheduled time  due to traffic delays buses may arrive at pick-up and drop-off points behind schedule.
  4. In case of change of residence, transport service will be provided subject to the availability of seats and routes. Parents are advised to take prior approval from transport department before changing the residence to avoid any inconvenience.
  5. Parent or guardian shall compensate the company for any damages caused/sustained by the bus or other travelers as a result of in appropriate action by their child/children.
  6. Parents are requested not to enter into any verbal discussions with the drivers as this can adversely affect their driving. Parents may discuss such issues with the transport Manager in charge or direct it to the school authorities. Drivers are not allowed to give their personal contact details.
  7. Parents and guardians are not allowed to enter the bus or block the way of the bus.
  1. The transport fee cheques /cash to be deposited in 3 installments at the time of admission. One current cheque and two PDCs.
    • 1st installment (Sep-Dec) to be paid on or before 15th June 2018 for new admission/Regular students.
    • 2nd installment (Jan-March) to be paid on or before 5th January
    • 3rd installment (April-June) to be paid on or before 5th April 
      Students will be charged for all 10 months (September to June) in 3 installments. Monthly or term wise service is not provided. Service once discontinued arbitrarily will not be resumed. Transport service can be discontinued by giving one month prior notice in writing to transport department to get the refund of the remaining month(s) else one month’s fees will be deducted before refund being affected.
  2. One way service is not available.
  3. Cheque dishonored by the bank penalty will be charged 500/-AED.
  4. Fee is subject to change.
  5. School transport is a facility that can be withdrawn by either parents or school by giving one month advance notice.

School transport authority has the right to stop the bus service if any of the above mentioned terms and conditions are violated.

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